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Pam DeLuco

Pam DeLuco, a longtime textile artist, made the transition to book arts after noticing how the dewey decimal system classified the paper making books next to the hand spinning books. Just as making yarn led her to weaving, knitting, and crocheting, paper making led her to typesetting, letterpress printing, and book binding.

She has teamed up with Drew Cameron to Co-found Shotwell Paper Mill in San Francisco's Mission District. They produce handmade paper, prints and books, along with ongoing programming.

She's the founder and art director for BANDmade Books, a collaborative project that partners book and paper artists with musicians to produce a limited edition.

She is also involved with the Combat Paper Project and has guided Iraq war veterans through the process of producing books of their poetry printed on paper made from military uniforms. When not found making paper at her San Francisco studio, she can be seen tending to her bees who provide the wax for her hand spun linen thread, used for bookbinding, or harvesting Mulberry leaves to feed the silkworms who provide silk which she uses to make headbands for bound books.


Pam printing


Pam is also the bookkeeper for the Combat Paper Project. You can see Pam's original work at her website.



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