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The Combat Paper Press is a small, independent press dedicated to printing, binding and marketing small editions of poetry, stories and anthologies relating to veteran's issues. Most publications feature combat paper, created from pulped combat uniforms. Contact for more information and to discuss possible collaborations and book ideas.

I Hacky Sacked in Iraq by Iraq war veteran Nathan Lewis is the first volume produced by Combat Paper Press. It was released in a limited edition in August, 2009. The collection of eleven original poems and essays based on Nathan's experience in Iraq and the military is hand bound by the author and features a wrap around cover made from combat paper, paper made from the artist's uniform worn in Iraq along with shredded American flags and U. S. currency. A second edition was printed in December of 2009.

The New Citizen Army made in collaboration with author Greg Delanty was released in June, 2010. The collection of poems is hand bound, featuring covers made from combat paper. The May 11, 2009 edition of Publishers Weekly ran a story, "Combat Poetry: Swords into Ploughshares - and Paper", announcing the collaborative venture.

The Linen Series is a collaborative portfolio of broadside prints created during the travels of the Combat Paper Project in 2010. The linen pages are loosly bound in a trifold envelope made from military uniforms and a road atlas.

Life After War made in collaboration with poet Jan Barry was printed in San Francisco, CA in the fall of 2011, released in March of 2012. It is a collection of eight original poems in a limited edition of 140. Poems are by Jan Barry. The handmade combat paper covers, layout and binding were done by collaborators Drew Cameron, Pam DeLuco and Nate Lewis.

Colors of Trees We Couldn't Name is another chapter to I Hackey Sacked in Iraq by poet Nathan Lewis, a continuation on the theme of veterans telling their personal stories. The hardbound volume contains eighteen poems and essays with silkscreened illustrations. Covers, end pages and illustrations are on handmade combat paper. The limited edition book was released in the spring of 2012.

Listed below are book artists who have published their work through the Combat Paper Press. Click on the picture or name to learn more about the book and the artist.



I Hacky Sacked in Iraq

Nathan Lewis


The New Citizen Army

Greg Delanty


The Linen Series Portfolio

Combat Papermakers


Life After War

Jan Barry


Colors of Trees We Couldn't Name

Nathan Lewis



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