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Combat Paper News

As part of their series on Craft in America, PBS has done a wonderful piece about arts and the military, featuring Erin Toole, Pam DeLuco and other artists and craftspeople telling their stories about their art and the connection to military service. If you look closely, you'll find cameos of folks from Combat Paper, Warrior Writers and other veteran art groups. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and stream the video. You won't be disappointed.


KTVU-TV met up with Drew Cameron on Veterans Day at the University of San Francisco as he continued the tradition of making paper on the street as a way to encourage the conversation about what it means to serve in the military.


Here's a new article about Combat Paper Nevada from a July 27th KRNV-TV news program.


Artwork by Jesse Albrecht, Drew Cameron and Pam DeLuco appear in the War on Paper exhibit at the Helen E. Copeland Gallery at Montana State University (Bozeman, MT) from January 7th through the 30th. Pam DeLuco will give an artist talk on the 15th (Cheever 125; 5:30 pm). A public reception is slated for the 16th, 6:30-8:30 pm.


Our new 2014 tour and workshop schedule is now on line. Be sure to check back with us as we continue to add events and workshops throughout the year. We're still finalizing dates and venues, but we'll put them up on our tour page just as soon as we have the details.


Our exhibits coordinator, Tara Tappert, was named a Larson Fellow, and received a post-doctorate fellowship, at the Library of Congress, to continue her research on "arts and crafts making as a transformational healing process for war trauma." Kudos to you, Tara. We're looking forward to a lecture on your research next year! Pam Stewart will take over coordination of our exhibits in 2014.


Combat Paper NJ is in the news again. The Printmaking Center of New Jersey has received a grant from Impact 100 Garden State to expand the reach of Combat paper NJ programs for veterans. They also received a grant from the Wounded Warrior Project to continue their workshops at Walter Reed Medical Center and Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital. Congrats to David Keefe, Eli Wright and the rest of the CP-NJ crew. You can catch their upcoming schedule on their web site.


Due to anticipated weather, the Serving Student Veterans Conference scheduled for December 6th at Oklahoma City Community College has been cancelled. Drew Cameron was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the annual conference to discuss the Combat Paper Project.


Check out the article in the Huffington Post about Pam DeLuco's upcoming book, "Paper Dolls". According to the article, "In a stunning new project from Shotwell Paper Mill, artist Pam DeLuco has put a contemporary twist on the traditional medium of paper dolls. Using accurate depictions of U.S. military uniforms, her Paper Dolls series explores the lives of women in the armed forces. From a helicopter door gunner in Iraq to a trumpeter to an officer in Operation Desert Storm, the collection of handmade outfits provides a glimpse into women's real life military stories -- in the form of two-dimensional paper figures." The planned release date for the limited edition book is, appropriately, we feel, on Veterans' Day. And, yes, the paper is made from military uniforms. Our congrats for a job well done! And there's another article from the New York Times.


Tara Tappert will be curating an exhibit, "Citizen - Soldier - Citizen" at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts (Michigan City, IN) from November 1st through January 9th. The exhibit explores the ways in which soldiers returning to civilian life use the arts to heal and communicate their personal experiences and features art work from the Combat Paper collection, plus work from other citizen soldiers. The opening reception is November 1st, 5-8 pm in the Hyndman Gallery. Also included are oral history interview videos of artists from the Combat Paper Project and the Joe Bonham Project. Our friends, Drew Matott and Margaret Mahan, both CP artists and currently with the Peace Paper Project will also offer a papermaking workshop for veterans and their families on November 1st. Work created during the workshop will be added to the CSC exhibit. You can catch an early review of the exhibit at or read the news release for the Courier-Journal.


If you are in the Syracuse, NY area this October, be sure and check out the activities scheduled around the CP exhibit at Art Rage Gallery. Sara Nesson's film, Iraq, Paper, Scissors will be shown on the 8th, and Nate Lewis and Jon Turner, both Combat papermakers, will read from their poetry on the 17th. Check out the event schedule at Art Rage for more details.


Coming Home Poster Antioch College's (Yellow Springs, OH) Herndon Gallery presents Coming Home, an exhibit of visual art and written works of recent military veterans. The show runs from June 20th through August 16th, and features the work of Drew Cameron, Aaron Hughes, Eli Wright, Jon Turner, Robynn Murray, Jennifer Pacanowski, all who have worked with the Combat Paper Project. Also represented will be work from the Veterans Book Project. And Lovella Calica will be on hand July 26 & 27 for a two-day Warrior Writers workshop, culminating in a poetry reading by workshop participants on the 27th at 7:30 pm in the Gallery. Aaron Hughes will give an artist talk at the opening on June 20th (7:00 pm) in the Gallery.


Combat Paper artwork is the focus of "WITNESS", an exhibit running from April 26 - May 31, at the Pop-up Gallery at Monmouth University (34 East Main St., Somerville, NJ). Featured is work created by veterans at the weekly papermaking studio sessions facilitated by Combat Paper NJ. Opening reception 5-8 pm on May 3rd. The show is curated by David Keefe. You can also catch a news article about their recent visit to the campus.


If you're in Austin, TX between April 25 - May 4, don't miss Telling: Austin, TX. This is the latest performance by the Telling Project, created by Jonathan Wei. We were fortunate enough to see a similar performance in Washington, DC, last spring. If you have the opportunity, don't miss it!


Artwork from the Combat Paper Collection is featured in the Spring 2013 issue of The Iowa Review, an American literary magazine, published by the University of Iowa. Included is work from Drew Cameron, Drew Matott, Jesse Albrecht and Chris Arendt. Breaking Rank appears on the cover. Our thanks to The Iowa Review for their support and recognition of our work.


Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio awarded its Chora Prize for 2012 to the Combat Paper Project, (and quoting from the press release...) "in recognition of its work with military veterans transforming their uniforms into handmade paper on which they may write, draw, or paint as an expression of their thoughts and feelings. Chora is a project of the Los Angeles-based Studio that supports the intangibles that precede creativity. The Chora Prize acknowledges a fully realized project of originality and merit; it stimulates the incorporation into institutions of "out of the box" ideas. The Combat Paper Project, in making changes "from uniform to pulp, battlefield to workshop, warrior to artist," engages veterans not only in the artistic creation of the paper itself but also in the inspiration for the writing, drawing, or painting that follows that process."


Well Worn In conjunction with Word for Word's production, "You Know When the Men Are Gone", Z Space (450 Florida St., San Francisco, CA) presents new work by visual artists Drew Cameron and Julia Goodman. Each artist will create pieces using handmade paper that consider the experiences of soldiers, veterans, and their families. Cameron will create a series of works that speak to three common elements of life as a veteran: military experience, survival, and reintegration, using military uniforms, American flags, and civilian clothing to make the paper. Work will be on display from January 30th through February 24th.


Angelique Weger mentions both the Combat Paper Project and Peace Paper Project as examples of papermaking as a tool for social good and art therapy in her blog, The Pulp of the Matter in a recent issue of Art & Social Change.


The Printmaking Center of New Jersey (Branchburg, NJ) is hosting an exhibition in its two galleries from January 12 through March 2, 2013. "Paper Trail" is an exhibition of prints, handmade paper and books arts by Eric Avery and Drew Cameron. An opening reception for the exhibition will take place from 1:00 to 4:00pm on Saturday, January 12. The reception is free and open to the public. Both artists will be on hand to discuss their work. Food and beverages will be served.


Many thanks to Angela Mannion who has made donations to Combat Paper in support of ongoing programming. She dedicated her donations to Timothy J. Mannion of Montclair, NJ and Nancy Bonalumi of Lancaster, PA.


"Combat Papermakers Drew Cameron and Drew Matott; An Interview in Two Voices" appeared in a December 17th issue of Works & Conversations. The interview by Barbara Gates of Inquiring Mind provides an in-depth look at the Combat Paper Project through the voices of its founders. A nice read.


Check out Tara Tappert's article in the Journal of Military Experience about Dominic Fredianelli. Dom joined us for a workshop in Washington, DC last spring (Arts and the Military Conference) at the Corcoran and has since painted murals at the National Veterans Art Museum and at University of California - Santa Barbara.


A recent article by Jennifer Baum in the November issue of Creative Impact Michigan highlights the work of the Combat Paper Project. The article also mentions Robynn Murray and Sara Nesson's Poster Girl.


Artwork by Drew Cameron, a member of the Warriors Art Group, and head of the Combat Paper Project is included in an exhibit, "In War", at the North Central College (Naperville, IL) Schoenerr Gallery. The collection of works by members of the Warriors Art Group runs from November 16 - January 6 in conjunction with the National Veterans Art Museum.


Combat Paper was at the University of Arizona (Tucsan, AZ) for a papermaking workshop over the Veteran's Day holiday (November 12 - 17th). You can read some of the news media of the event and an article in the Arizona Daily


Tara Tappert, our exhibits coordinator, gave three talks at the Seminole Nation - City of Wewoka Veteran's Day Festivities (Wewoka, OK). On Nov. 10th, Tara spoke on Art Making and Activism: The Combat Paper Project; on Nov. 11th, In Service to the Nation: Arts and Crafts and the Military; and on Nov. 12th, The Arts and the Military: Transforming War and Trauma Experiences through the Arts. A Combat Paper Art exhibit opened at the Seminole Nation Museum in Wewoka, on November 10th, and runs through January 31st. And as part of the festival, John La Falce led a two-day Combat Paper art workshop, hosted by Seminole State College in the Enoch Kelly Haney Center.


The Telling Project visited Iowa in November for another in their series of moving theatrical events, of veterans telling their own personal stories. We had the honor of seeing them in action in Washington, DC at the Arts and the Military Conference this past April. Well worth your attention. More info is available at


Montserrat College of Art (Beverly, MA) hosted a symposium, "Agents of Change: Art as Activism", on October 26 & 27. Our own Tara Tappert spoke at a Friday afternoon session highlighting art making as a tool in the healing process and discussed a programmatic model for bridging cultures and showcasing arts for the military.


Our congrats goes out to Heather Courtney and crew, makers of Where Soldiers Come From, who won an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for 2012 in the News and Documentary category. We had the honor of 'sharing the stage' with her at the Arts and the Military Conference at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC this past spring.


CBS-San Francisco ran a news segment about Drew Cameron's residency at Southern Exposure (San Francisco, CA) during September. A nice interview with Drew while working in the studio.


Gallery U (Montclair, NJ) presented "War Torn", an uncommon exhibition of art created by war veterans on Saturday, September 15th. The Gallery is located at 179 Glenridge Avenue in the heart of downtown Montclair. The art has been created on paper made from the worn combat fatigues of veterans from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Somalia. The exhibition ran through September 21.

A poetry reading was a fund raising event for Combat Paper NJ, a free veteran-run program held each Sunday at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey. The reading featured poets Eli Wright, Jenny Pacanowski, Jan Barry, Walt Nygard, and Walter Zimmerman. The art exhibition opening included a silent auction of Combat Paper art works. The art exhibition featured art created during Sunday sessions at the Printmaking Center and previous workshops, and also from a Combat Paper workshop that was held at Montclair State University throughout the week of September 11 through 14.

More info about the Combat Paper Exhibition and Montclair State University Workshop can be found on the Printmaking Center's website.


Tara Tappert, our exhibition coordinator, gave a talk at Old Dominion University on September 6 (6:00 pm in the Gordon Galleries). Her lecture, "In Service to the Nation: Arts and Crafts and the Military", coincided with the Combat Paper exhibit which ran through September 9th, and a papermaking workshop (September 4-8) led by John LaFalce. John traveled with the Combat Paper Project in 2008-9 and currently is an artist-in-residence at BluSeed Studios (Saranac Lake, NY). Several of John's pulp printing/painting pieces are part of the Combat Paper exhibit. Check out an article about the workshop.


Rebecca Ruiz of NBC News has written a short article about the Combat Paper Project and the exhibit showing at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center through August 19th.


Veteran Expressions is a new exhibit at the Fe Gallery (Pittsburgh, PA) focused on the externalization of memories, thoughts and emotions that Veterans have in regards to their experience in a combat zone. Happy, sad, tragic, angry, or funny, the descriptions of experience run the gamut. Veterans Expressions is about the therapeutic nature of realizing what is inside by getting it out through painting, sculpture, music, poetry, or simplified, any type of expression.


Our good friend, Jan Barry, joined in recent Combat Paper events in Reno, NV last month. In his blog, he shares his impressions of the workshops and the efforts of the Reno community to honor and help heal her veterans. One of the events was held in the Nevada National Guard armory.


Sara Nesson's Poster Girl and Heather Courtney's Where Soldiers Come From both received Emmy nominations from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for 2012 in the News and Documentary category. Congrats and best wishes to you both. Make a point of seeing both films if you haven't already.


Drew Cameron received a 2012 AHN award from the Arts and Healing Network, an annual award to healing artists who make a difference. There is also a nice interview with Drew about the Combat Paper Projct and the role of hand papermaking in the healing arts.


There was a nice article about our good friend and book artist Pam DeLuco in the Felt & Wire. Pam took home the prize once again at the Maker Faire with her interactive typesetting and bookmaking project.


We just finished up a busy week in Washington, DC at the Arts and the Military Conference, where we teamed up with Lovella Calica of Warrior Writers to offer a workshop combining writing and papermaking at the Corcoran. While in town, we met up with old friends Eli Wright and David Keefe from Combat Paper NJ (they offered a workshop at Walter Reed), Drew Matott and Gretchen Miller who were doing a workshop at George Mason University, and Tara Tappert who presented her "Arts and the Military" talk at the Smithsonian as part of the conference opening ceremonies. We also made some new friends from The Telling Project and the Veteran Artist Program and met a host of artists, veterans and supporters, all of whom help tell the veterans' personal stories. We were honored to be among them.


Arts and the Military Conference


The program and venues for the Arts and the Military Conference in Washington, DC (May 13 - 18) have just been published. The week-long event includes a Combat Paper Project workshop, an exhibition and artist talk at the Corcoran, lectures at the Smithsonian, movies and a dance recital. Check out their web site to see what's happening where and when and consider registering for all or part of the events.


Poets contributed poems and took part in a hand-papermaking workshop in May at Polip to create an exhibition for Poetry Parnassus, a gathering of poets from all 200 Olympic countries at London's Southbank Centre (June 26 - July 2). At Polip, poets were invited to bring materials to turn into paper on which to write a poem without a title; the relationship of the material to the poem replacing the title. Any fabric or paper-based material was used and was listed alongside the poem. The resulting handmade portfolio will be exhibited at the Poetry Library in London's Southbank Centre during Poetry Parnassus, accompanied by a film about its making including interviews with the poets. All the poets taking part in Poetry Parnassus will visit the exhibition to write a poem in a handmade edition of the World Record, the volume of poetry being published to mark the occasion. Drew Cameron and Drew Matott facilitated the papermaking workshop at the Polip International Poetry Festival in Pristina, Kosovo.


PBS NewsHour aired a nice story about the Combat Paper Project at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey on April 30th, which featured interviews with Eli Wright, David Keefe and Jan Barry. There is also a print story about the project by Morgan Till with a photo essay. And FOX News also ran a piece about Combat Paper New Jersey.


Nate Lewis has published his second book of poetry and essays in collaboration with the Combat Paper Press. Colors of Trees We Couldn't Name is an artist book, a continuation of the 'story' begun in I Hacky Sacked in Iraq, Nate's first book. The book features eighteen poems and essays, silk screened interior illustrations and a hard bound combat paper cover with a coptic binding. They are available for purchase directly from Nate.


A short piece about The Combat Paper Project, "Swords into Plowshares", appeared in the Winter 2012 issue of The American Scholar, the quarterly journal of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.


Combat paper was used to create the covers for a limitd edition portfolio, War is Trauma. The portfolio of handmade prints was produced by the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative in collaboration with the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). Drew Cameron of the CPP writes, "The batch of paper that I made to house the portfolio is mostly created from Army Combat Uniforms that we were worn with the Stryker battalions out of Fort Lewis, WA. These are the same guys who rolled out of Iraq early back in July 2010. I also added Egyptian cotton to strengthen it. I like to imagine that the mill workers who made the cloth I used were the same one's rising up last spring."


Our congratulations go to friend and film-maker Sara Nesson. She won the 2011 IDA Documentary Film Award for her documentary short, Poster Girl. The award was announced at their annual fundraiser at the Directors Guild Theater in Los Angeles on December 2nd.


Drew Cameron received the Erena Rae Award for Art and Social Justice on November 12th at the annual benefit dinner at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey (Branchburg, NJ). Our good friend and poet, Jan Barry, presented the award. You can catch his comments on his latest blogpost.


Tara Tappert, our exhibitions coordinator, presented "In Service to the Nation: Arts and Crafts and the Military" at the Smithsonian (Washington, DC) on November 9th. This was part of their ongoing 'lunch bag lecture' series. Noon, at the Archives of American Art Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Victor Bldg., 750 9th St. NW. Bring a lunch.


Malachi Muncy from Button Field Press teamed up with Peace Paper to offer a free papermaking workshop for veterans and their families at Under the Hood Cafe on Saturday, November 5th. The workshop ran from 10am - 4pm at Under the Hood Cafe, 17 College St, Killeen, Texas. The workshop was free and open to the public. Malachi worked with the Combat Paper crew last February at the Texas State University workshop in San Marcos, TX.


Georgia Review A pulp print created as a demonstration at our workshop in San Marcos, TX, last February appears on the cover of The Georgia Review, a quarterly "journal of arts and letters", published by the University of Georgia (Athens, GA). A companion demonstration piece, created at the same workshop, appears on the back cover. Other Combat Paper art work is featured inside as an eight page color spread in the Fall 2011 issue. Our thanks to the The Georgia Review for their kind support and recognition of our work.


The Printmaking Center of New Jersey (Branchburg, NJ) has launched an ongoing program to support veterans working in the paper arts. Eli Wright and David Keefe will coordinate the Combat Paper Project workshops for the Center. Workshops are free for veterans; Sundays, 10am - 4 pm, beginning October 23rd. Eli has worked with the Combat Paper Project in Vermont and traveled with the crew in 2008. More information about their schedule and activities is available on their Combat Paper NJ website.


Work by Combat Papermaker Jim O'Neill was included in an exhibit at Montserrat College of Art (Beverly, MA). The show, "For the Record: Searching for Objectivity in Global Conflict" was at the Montserrat Gallery through October 22nd. Jim also participated in the "For the Record" symposium on September 30 - October 1.


Robyn Martins has written an interesting piece, "Combat Paper Project - Being Fully Human", about the Combat Paper Project in her column appearing in the August 15th Open Salon.


Three news articles highlighted the opening of the "Combat Paper Project: Iowa" exhibit at the Johnson County Historical Society Museum (Coralville, IA). An Eastern Iowa Life article focuses on the sculptural work of Jesse Albrect; the Press-Citizen article on the paintings of Justin Rominger. Both participated in a Combat Paper Workshop at the University of Iowa in April 2010. Even the Los Angeles Times ran a brief story on the event.


You can catch an interview with Jon Turner on Vermont Public Television, where he talks about his art, his poetry and his struggle with PTSD. The interview is part of the Profiles series with Fran Stoddard.


You might enjoy the TypeFacebook article featuring Pam DeLuco and the People's Republic of Paper booth at the annual Maker Faire in San Francisco recently. Another example of people interacting with art and expressing their personal voice. Won two editor's choice blue ribbons. Way to go, Pam!


Roger Vance has a very nice article about the Project, "Rags to Redemption", in the June 2011 HistoryNet's Vietnam Magazine. You can also see the on-line version on


Our friend and exhibit coordinator Tara Tappert presented a talk, "In Service to the Nation: Arts and Crafts and the Military", at the Arlington Public Library (Arlington, VA) on April 7th. Her presentation coincided with the library's ongoing series, "The Soldier's Story", and an exhibit of combat paper art.


Check out New York 1's coverage of the Costs of War exhibit. Congrats to Jan Barry, Robynn Murray, Eli Wright and Jon Michael Turner.


We've been following news of our friends Sara Nesson and Robynn Murray these last few weeks and their success with Poster Girl. You may want to check out the interview with Sara by Joshua Kors of the Huffington Post. An interesting 'behind the scenes' conversation touching on their relationship and journey through the Veterans Administration maize.


The Buffalo News ran a January 30th article about "Big Night", a Just Buffalo Literary Center event, and the Combat Paper Project's visit to Buffalo and Niagara Falls.


Poster Girl Our most heartfelt congrats to Sara Nesson. She's going to the Oscars! Poster Girl was nominated for best documentary film (short subject). And a big hug to our friend and fellow combat papermaker, Robynn Murray, our very own poster girl. The New York debut sold out. Check out the review and a prediction.


2010 has been a busy and chaotic year for us. Veterans' workshops from Buffalo to Charlotte, exhibits at Harvard, Massachusetts College of Art and the Newark Public Library and lots of demos and evening lectures thrown in along the way. We've done weekend workshops geared to art therapists and participated in artist residencies at the Universities of Iowa, Illinois and Alabama. And we've just finished the 2010 tour with a workshop and exhibit at the Vietnam Era Museum & Education Center in New Jersey. We've met scads of folks along the road. We've laughed with some, cried with others, been inspired by many.

Our 2011 lecture and workshop tour page is now up. We still need to firm up some dates and venues, but we're planning a tour through the Pacific Northwest in April and finishing off the year with workshops and residencies in Iowa. We'll keep the tour schedule current as we finalize plans.


Our friend and combat papermaker, Jesse Albrecht, showed his work at the Public Space 1 gallery in Iowa City. The solo exhibit, "UXO", included several combat paper prints and sculptures in addition to his ceramic and bronze work. The show ran through the end of November. You can also catch a November 17th interview with Jesse (Talking With Yale Cohn) on PATV where he talks about his art, his return to civilian life and the Combat Paper Project.


Kosmos Journal ran an eight page photo spread of Combat Paper art work in their Fall/Winter 2010 edition. We appreciate the "shout out".


Veteran papermakers from the University of Iowa workshop in April 2010 (Operation Wrecklamation) participated in the University of Iowa Veterans Conference on November 6 & 7, including a panel discussion. Art work from the group was also on display.


Poster Girl Sara Nesson's Poster Girl had it's debut showing at the Telluride Film Festival in September and will be shown at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam in November. The film is also on the 'short list' for an Oscar nomination. Our congratulations for a film well done.


Sally Hansel has written an article, "Turning Uniforms into Handmade Paper" for the November/December 2010 issue of Fiber Arts Magazine. It highlights the Combat Paper Project and features Donna Perdue's Amani/My Culture pulp printing piece made in the ocean at our residency in Key West last December.


Jon Turner was interviewed October 14th by Virginia Prescott on "Word of Mouth", New Hampshire Public Radio. Jon speaks about his struggles with post traumatic stress disorder and reintegration into society after serving in Iraq and the role papermaking and writing has served in his recovery. A very human and moving audio interview (10+ minutes).


Madelaine Jerousek-Smith has written an article for the October 10th Iowa Alumni Magazine. "Out of Uniform" features the Combat Paper Project's recent residency at the University of Iowa and alumnus Jesse Albrecht.


Ash Woolson and Erica Sloan, both veterans and art students at Ohio State University, organized the "Visualizing the Experinces of War" event in early September, bringing veterans and fellow art students together to share their experience. The event culminated in an exhibition at the Ohio State Urban Arts Space. The show runs through october 23rd. We were glad to have been a part of the event, to share our papermaking skills and encourage the expression of their personal stories of military service. Ash and Erica, congrats on a job well done!


Margot Harrison mentions both Jon Turner's Eat the Apple and Greg Delanty's The New Citizen Army in her October 6th 7 Days (Burlington, VT) article, "Poetry Playlist".


Tara Tappert has received a research grant from the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design to explore how the US military embraced arts and crafts in the 20th century ... "after World War I for rehabilitation for healing and vocational training, and after World War II as recreation to promote well being and efficacy ...". Tara helps coordinate our exhibitions.


A story featuring Pam DeLuco, our friend and colleague in San Francisco, appeared in Felt & Wire, a blog for "the paper obsessed". Pam tells of her first meeting the Drews and the founding of the Combat Paper Press; Pam helped design our first two publications. She is also the production coordinator for the Small Plates Book editions at the San Francisco Center for the Book.


Our friend and ally, Nic DuBois, has helped organize the Fabric of War exhibit and demonstration in London, England this autumn. The event features the work of twenty Palestinian and Israeli women bereaved by conflict, who have created paper from materials associated with their lost ones. Nic helped organize Combat Paper's visit to the United Kingdom during the summer of 2009.


Two new limited edition porfolios have been created while on the road during 2010. The Linen Series is a colaborative piece by several combat paper artists. It features ten small broadside prints on, you guessed it, linen paper. They are loosley bound in a trifold envelope made from combat paper. Ecology of War is a portfolio of five silkscreen broadsides with letterpress text on combat paper by Drew Cameron. Both are available for sale directly from the Combat Paper Project. Contact us for more information.


Robynn Murray's "Healing" and Tom Lascell's "Pride and Prejudice" have been selected to appear in Art Works by Janet Markus, a visual arts textbook to be published by Edmond Montgomery, Toronto, ON, Canada. The book is due out in February 2011.


Drew Matott was named to the advisory board of Art Therapy Without Borders, an international organization dedicated to the promotion, development, and support of international art therapy initiatives and the work of art therapists worldwide. ATWB was founded in April 2010 to meet the need for an organization dedicated to a global art therapy community and the use of art in service to others in need through art therapy, art in healthcare, and art for social transformation.


My Morning Jacket performed a benefit concert on the lawn at the Champlain Valley Expo to benefit the Combat Paper Project on Friday evening, August 20th. $1 of every ticket went to CPP. MMJ was opening for Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers in Boston on the 19th and the 21st, but made a quick trip to Burlington for the benefit gig on the 20th. The New York Times described them as "worthy inheritor(s) of the roots-rock tradition of Neil Young and the Allman Brothers". We had a table at the event. We were glad so many of you were able to stop by to say hello. Thanks to all for making it a fun evening.


Todd Moe from North Country Public Radio stopped by the paper studio at St. Lawrence University for a visit with the Combat Paper Crew as they were getting ready for their fall workshop and lecture tour. You can listen to his interview with Drew Matott, Margaret Mahan and Tom Lascell about the project. It runs 13 minutes; just enough time to relax with a cup of coffee.


Check out a short video of The Edible Schoolyard Book Making Project sponsored by Levis. It was taught by our friend and book artist Pam DeLuco. Looks like such a fun time. Wish we could have been there! Pam also does our layout and design work for the Combat Paper Press.


Combat Journals 100 Combat Paper Journals have been completed and sent on their way. Our thanks to Tim Barrett, high bidder in the Handpapermaking Magazine annual fundraiser for supporting our work and making the journals possible.


Our friend and supporter, Sara Nesson, has recut the trailer for her documentary film, Iraq Paper Scissors, which follows the lives of five returned veterans as they deal with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). All have been involved with the Combat Paper Project and have used papermaking as a tool to regain control of their lives.


The New Citizen Army, an artist book, produced in collaboration with poet, Greg Delanty, was released in June. This is the second book published by Combat Paper Press.


The Joiner Center for the Study of War and its Social Consequences showed work by Jon Turner in The Hidden Costs of War exhibit at the Harbor Gallery, University of Massachusetts in Boston earlier this month. Jon was joined by our friends and fellow artists Aaron Hughes and James O'Neill. Jon also spoke about the Combat Paper Project at the closing reception on June 24th.


Combat Paper continues to conduct workshops around the country, often times with veterans who no longer have any uniform items remaining from their military service. We are happy to accept a donation of uniforms from you, your family or friends, to be rendered into paper and artwork at these workshops. If you would like to donate a uniform please email to arrange a shipment for our next workshop. Combat Paper is all about the stories contained within the fabric; the sorrow, the humor, the memories of those who wore the uniform. So please include some information about yourself and the uniforms that you donate. We'll share your memories at the workshop so we can include your story along with ours, as we create our combat paper.


We hope you were able to join Jon Turner for his book launch party and reading from Eat the Apple at the Red Hen (Burlington, VT) on Saturday, May 22nd. In addition, two of his poems, "Depths of a Storm" from Eat the Apple and "Forgiven" from his new book, Plant the Seed, have been selected for an anthology by the Revolutionary Poets Brigade of San Francisco.


Cutting Rag Our thanks to Etsy, an international craft organization, for their April 30th story about the Combat Paper Project.


The Combat Paper Project has donated 100 Combat Paper Journals to our friends and papermaking colleagues at Hand Papermaking Magazine for their annual fundraising auction. If you are the high bidder, we will send 100 handbound journals made from combat paper on your behalf to returning veterans. The edition will be specially made and provide credit to you (if desired) and Hand Papermaking Magazine on the back cover.


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has become the official repository for the Combat Paper Project. On a recent stop at UI, Drew Matott and Drew Cameron donated combat paper artwork and ephemera and met with archivists at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library to finalize plans for future donations and help organize the collection. The library has also purchased a copy of the limited edition Combat Paper Portfolio (Vol IV). The collection will include original artwork, writings from workshops, books, publicity fliers, news articles and interviews, videos and still photography, workshop prints and other ephemera of historical importance. The collection will be catalogued and available to scholars, historians and the public.


You can catch three recent news articles about the Combat Paper Project. The first is about a stop at the Orr Street Gallery in Columbia, MO; the second is a New York Times article about the current exhibit at the Newark Public Library. A third article about the Newark exhibit is from


Combat Papermaker Jon Michael Turner and his poetry were featured in an April 1, 2010 article, "Carrying a Backpack of Sorrow ... Soldiers on the Edge of Suicide", by Nadya Williams of truthout. Jon read from his self-published book, Eat the Apple at the San Francisco Beat Museum in March. Jon frequently travels with the Combat Paper Project to lead the writing workshop segment of the five-day Combat Paper Veterans workshops. A copy of his book is available directly from the author. Jon currently resides in Burlington, VT and manages the Green Door Studio.


Drew Cameron and Drew Matott were interviewd by Dee Perry on WCPN while in Cleveland, OH, before their evening lecture at Ursuline College on March 25th. You can listen to the 20 minute podcast, highlighting the origins of the Combat Paper Project.


Steve Zind from Vermont Public Radio caught up with Drew Cameron, Drew Matott and Jon Turner while they were working in the studio in Burlington, VT earlier this month. The interview aired on VPR on March 16th.


After spending several weeks in the studio in Burlington, VT, Combat papermakers are on the road again! Drew Cameron, Drew Matott and John LaFalce made a quick trip to Boston to get the portable beater tuned up for the spring tour and pulled sheets at the Boston Paper Collective. Drew Cameron then made a return trip for a panel discussion at Endicott College while Nate Lewis spoke to the Visual Studies Workshop in Rocester, NY. Then it was off to Buffalo with stops at the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative, Niagara County Community College and the University of Buffalo, before heading to events in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. After a residency and veterans' workshop at Iowa Center for the Book in early April, they head back to Newark, NJ for an exhibit and workshop at Rutgers University. Sprinkled throughout the tour are plenty of paper making demonstrations and community lectures about the project, all free and open to the public. If you're nearby, feel free to drop by to introduce yourself and meet the crew. And don't miss the art exhibits at Harvard University and the Newark Public Library. More information about the specific events and exhibitions can be found on our tour page.


Our friend and combat papermaker Donna Perdue has started Paper Bridges, to serve the Cleveland, OH area. Donna uses papermaking to transform articles of clothing of those who have experienced personal trauma into positive paper memories. Check out her web site to learn more about the project and upcoming papermaking workshops. Donna was with us in Key West and led us on our paper excursions into the ocean and a swimming pool.


Our sojourn to the Conch Republic has ended. We discussed our future, made paper on the beach and in a swimming pool, met some great folks and lost track of the outside world. There is something about the tropics that relaxes the soul and refreshes the spirit. The Key West Citizen ran a nice Sunday spread about the CP Project and our visit to The Studios of Key West. The Miami Herald also ran a story about our stop in Key West.


We're finalizing our tour schedule for next year; still waiting for confirmation on some dates and venues. But so far, we expect to make it to the Corcoran, the Newark Public Library, a trip to University of Iowa's Center for the Book, a stop at University of Alabama's Book Arts MFA program, plus stops in Boston, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and central Florida. We've just posted our tentative schedule on our tour page. We've got our eye on a swing through the Pacific northwest in 2011. If you wish to host a veterans workshop, artist residency or exhibit in your area, be sure to contact us at to discuss arrangements.


Sara Nesson Our good friend and filmmaker, Sara Nesson tells us that HBO has acquired her film, Poster Girl, as part of their series on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The film is a portrayal of Robynn Murray, the Army's 2005 Poster Girl for women in combat in Iraq, as she struggles with addictions to prescription drugs, the VA bureaucracy, mounting personal debt and the everyday horrors of PTSD. Sara first met Robynn at the workshop at Martha's Vineyard in July, 2008. You might also remember Robynn's paper art; she created a series of life size paper breast plates made from a mold of her torso. For more information about Poster Girl, and the current status of her film, Iraq Paper Scissors, visit Sara's web site.


The Combat Paper Project is now on Facebook! For a less formal, unedited, means of connecting with the Combat Paper Project while on tour, you can check out the posts and candid images on Facebook. Just sign on to your personal account in Facebook, then search on "Combat Papermakers".


We've just finished up a two-week artist residency and veterans workshop in San Antonio, Texas at the Southwest School of Art & Craft, in conjunction with the Engaged and Fragmented exhibit. We were pleased to show our paper art along side those of Eric Avery, John Risseeuw and Peter Sowiski. Terry Gildea wrote a short article about the workshop for Texas Public Radio.


Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine ran a November 11 story, Art as Catharsis - The Combat Paper Project, giving focus to the workshop process, rather than the artifacts.


Drew Matott & John LaFalce Drew Matott and John LaFalce were interviewed by Steve Miller, head of the University of Alabama MFA Book Arts program, at the Friends of Dard Hunter Annual Meeting in Atlanta in October. The audio interview touches on the bicycle powered beater demonstration. But most of the interview delves into the Combat Paper Project story; the history, the natural evolution, the personal stories behind the workshops. The interview runs 39 minutes. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and listen....


Drew Cameron and Jon Turner were interviewed for a Veterans Day Special Program on Radio Netherlands Worldwide. The 12:30 audio segment is entitled Tearing Up the Uniform, and can be downloaded from the RNW web site. This interview is about the human story behind the Combat Paper Project; it is not a typical sound bite.


Repeat visitors to the Combat Paper web page may have noticed a change in our logo. The original logo was based upon an inverted image taken from Breaking Rank, an iconic piece by Drew Cameron depicting the ritual shedding of his military uniform. It served us well; after all, it was our metaphorical starting point. It was created by our web master in the summer of 2008 as we first launched our web page.

The new design is reminiscent of Army Wrong. The concept was first used in publicity for our Firehouse Gallery (Burlington, VT) exhibit and community workshops, and again at at our workshop in Madison at the University of Wisconsin. Our thanks to graphic artist Julie VonderVellen at Madison for the current design.

But after making the change, we're not sure. The new design is crisp and bold, attributes that we like, but it lacks the nuance and interest of the original. We're in a quandry. We'll be discussing this (and a number of other items) at our planning retreat and residency in Key West in December. We'd love to hear your thoughts. If you have an opinion, drop us an email. Let us know what you think and why.


Pedal Power We're just back from the Friends of Dard Hunter annual meeting in Atlanta (October 15-18) where we provided an update on Combat Paper happenings and a workshop demonstration using our portable beater powered by a bicycle. The beater first traveled on our United Kingdom Tour; now it travels wherever we go.


The Combat Paper Project was featured in the October 5th, 2009 edition of The Christian Science Monitor. Check out Stacy Teicher Khadaroo's article, Shredding War's Dark Memories.


The University of Wisconsin at Madison workshop (September 30th - October 3rd) held in conjunction with Robert Possehl was a great success. Go to Honoring the Warrior: Combat Paper on the Black Hawk Trail on our workshop page for news and pictures.


News stories have emerged from the Combat Paper workshops in Minneapolis at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, which ran from September 21-28. You can read Alison Morse's September 16th article on, Susannah Schouweiler's September 18th article on or Briana Bierschbach's September 25th article on to learn more about the event.


Hand Papermaking Cover Photo, Summer, 2009


Eli Wright of the Combat Paper Project was featured on the cover of summer 2009 issue of Hand Papermaking. And don't miss Sandy Kinnee's article inside about the Project. He helped host the veterans' workshops at Colorado College in November 2008. Reprinted with permission from Hand Papermaking vol. 24, no. 1 (Summer 2009), 2009 by Hand Papermaking, Inc. ( All rights reserved. has published Art as Resistance in their September 6th issue, featuring the work of the Combat Paper and Warrior Writers Projects.


Radio Netherlands published a piece about the Combat Paper Project. The August 14th story, When Art Recycles Conflict, was written by Paddy Maguire.


Lovella Calica and our friends at Warrior Writers have launched a new web site. Take a look at to see where they will be going next. What Combat Paper does with paper arts, Lovella and crew does with the written and spoken word. They help vets find their voice. Look for them at a town near you!


The workshop in Savannah has received some press. You can read Pamela Walck's series, a June 20th article from the Savannah Morning News prior to the event, her July 24th article, or her article from the 31st at the workshop. And Patrick Rodgers did an article about the workshop for Connect Savannah. And if you like TV video bytes, check out the local TV video piece from WJCL. You may also want to check out a more thoughtful article by Russ Bynam of the Associated Press about the workshop that was picked up in Stars and Stripes. There are also some candid stills from the workshop.


The tour of the United Kingdom has concluded after visiting England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Workshops and demonstrations were held in several venues in addition to the traveling Fabric of War exhibition.


The BBC has produced a news segment about the recent Combat Paper exhibit and tour in England. The english language version features an interview with Drew Cameron.


Some of Jon Michael Turner's work was included in Salute America!, an "art show that celebrates patriotism, embodies the American experience and appreciates military personnel". The exhibit ran over the Independence Day weekend at the Accidental Gallery in Chicago, IL.


Combat Paper Press logo The Combat Paper Project has established the Combat Paper Press, to print, publish and bind book editions and anthologies, furthering the Combat Paper message. The first book, I Hacky Sacked in Iraq, a collection of personal poems and essays, by combat papermaker Nathan Lewis was published in August. It is hand bound with a combat paper cover. A second book, The New Citizen Army made in collaboration with author Greg Delanty is expected in the Summer of 2010. The collection of poems will be hand bound, also featuring covers made from combat paper. The May 11th edition of Publishers Weekly ran a story, "Combat Poetry: Swords into Ploughshares - and Paper", announcing the colaborative venture.


Two articles by Robin Caudell appeared in the Plattsburgh Press Republican. The first,"War, what is it good for? Combat Paper" connects her own experiences to those of combat papermakers. The second, "Two Soldiers' Stories of War and Art" focuses on the personal stories of Eli Wright and Matt Howard, two combat papermakers. In this day of 30 second soundbites it is refreshing to read news articles that rekindle our human connections.


Burlington City Arts has become our fiscal sponsor, thus extending their non-profit umbrella to the Combat Paper Project. Donations can now be made to the project on a tax-deductable basis through Burlington City Arts. In addition, we can now apply for grants available to non-profit organizations.


The Combat Paper Project has international appeal! It started with a brief workshop in Ottawa, Canada last November, then another visit to Quebec this spring. And then a lecture by Drew Matott about the Project at Camberwell College of Art attracted interest in London, England. The attention has sparked a Combat Paper Project tour of the United Kingdom starting with an exhibit at Courtauld Institute of Art in London in mid-May. The month long tour of workshops and events revolved around three exhibits; the Courtauld in May, the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton in July and the Birnam Institute in Dunkeld, Scotland in November. Specific tour dates and venues included exhibits, lectures, papermaking demonstrations and workshops in London, Warrington and Brighton in England, at Dunkeld in Scotland, and in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The specific tour dates and locales are listed on our tour page.


Firehouse Gallery - Rear Window We're excited about our Firehouse Gallery show (Burlington City Arts, February 20 - April 11). It featured a traditional exhibit of Combat Paper art in the gallery as well as a fully functioning paper making studio. An interactive 'reading room' was in the rear gallery. We hope the interactive format, of bringing the artist and the studio to the gallery, will expand the conversation about the Combat Paper Project. Saturday afternoon community papermaking workshops were a great success.


Check out two local media pieces about the show; a WCAX-TV's news video and a March 4th Seven Days article. And Vermont Art Zine did a thoughtful review of the exhibit. Lucia Suarez has done a multimedia piece for the St. Michael's College Echo and Ben Sarle (B Scene blog on has posted some photos taken at the March 7th workshop. You may also want to check out a blog by Edgar Beem at Yankee Magazine about the Firehouse show. And CCTV has done a half-hour video piece, including a tour of the exhibit, a segment from the opening, scenes from the workshops and interviews with several participants. For a different slant on the exhibit, check out Karen Geiger's brief review from the Burlington Art Map April edition. You might also be interested in excerpts from essays written about a visit to the exhibit by Community College of Vermont students.


Jan Barry's blogspot provides some very human highlights from the performance and Warrior Writers workshop held at City University of New York on March 30th.


Several pieces of Drew Cameron's Combat Paper artwork were featured in the inaugeral issue of Consequence Magazine, a literary magazine addressing war in the 21st century.


The Combat Paper Project was given a mention in the January 2009 Hand Papermaking Newsletter, a quarterly publication for paper and book artists.


Portfolio, volume 3 For a very thoughtful piece on the Combat Paper Project check out "Culture Warriors" in Jan Barry's December 15th blog. This isn't the usual 3 column inch story with a sound bite. He came to the Rutgers workshop, planning to visit the first day. He stayed for the week.


The New England Cable News ( ran a December 6th video story about the Combat Paper Project, including interviews with Drew Cameron and Eli Wright while they were making combat paper at the Green Door Studio in Burlington, VT.


The December 1st Burlington Free Press ran a front page story about the Combat Paper Project and the process of making paper from combat uniforms.


On November 2nd, Fox News covered the Combat Paper Project at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Check out their video coverage, "Veterans Turn Uniforms into Paper". More video coverage, "Turning Uniforms into Paper", comes from CBS affiliate KKTV which also reported on the Colorado Springs event.


An art review, "Show Goes Beyond Politics", from the October 30th Chicago Tribune critiques the Art of Democracy exhibit, giving honorable mention to the Combat Paper Portfolio.


From the October 9th Syracuse Post Standard comes this article, "ArtRage Gallery Opens". Combat Paper was the opening exhibit for ArtRage Gallery.


A September 19, 2008 article, "ARTS-US: Iraq War Vets Transforming Trauma" features the work of the Combat Paper and Warrior Writer Projects. It was published by The Inter Press Service (IPS), a global news agency, that offers an independent voice to an international community.

And another article, "Scars and Stripes", from the September 25th Boston Pheonix continues the Combat Paper story.


From the Mills College Newsroom comes this September 2008 article, "Mills College to Host Art Workshop for War Veterans" that features the upcoming visit of the Combat Paper Project to Mills in October. And a second article from the October 27th Mills campus newspaper, after the visit.


Our Fall 2008 Tour of exhibits, institutional Combat Paper artist visits and workshops was a great success. If you wish to be included on our workshop tours, contact for more information. Two tours are on the drawing board for Autumn of 2009; one through the mid-west/southern US and another across Canada.

Starting off our 2008 Fall Tour were lectures at SUNY Plattsburgh and SUNY Potsdam, then we returned to St. Lawrence University, where we first began our outreach papermaking workshops on Armistice Day, just last year. This visit included a two-month long exhibit of work by combat papermakers in the Richard F. Brush Gallery, a veterans' papermaking workshop, public presentations and lectures about Art & Activism.


We launched our new website in August 2008! While the information is much the same as before, the aesthetics and layout have changed to keep pace with our expanding national scope and audience. Our thanks to the Green Door Studio for hosting our start-up efforts. For frequent visitors, you may wish to "bookmark" our new home page. While the Green Door Studio page can still get you here, you may prefer the more direct route.


In the spring of 2008 several institutions hosted the Combat Paper Workshops, enabling the project to tour the country. Combat Papermakers from the Green Door Studio conducted the workshops as a means to connect with other Iraq War Veterans through the making of paper art. The primary focus of the spring tour was to train a team of Los Angeles veterans on how to make paper and conduct workshops, passing the torch from the east to the west coast.


A number of news articles have been written about the Combat Paper Project ...

A July 25, 2008 article, "War in Pieces: Combat Paper Project Sees Veterans Use Uniforms to Heal" features the work of the Combat Paper and Warrior Writer Projects on Martha's Vineyard.

A July 17, 2008 article, "Power with art: Iraq vets come to Island" features the work of the Combat Paper and Warrior Writer Projects on Martha's Vineyard.

In the Summer 2008 edition of Positive News, the article "Vets Find Healing Hope in Combat Paper Project" features the work of the Combat Paper.

The May 15, 2008 broadcast, "GRITtv with Laura Flanders" features the work of Sara Nesson and the Combat Paper and Warrior Writer Projects.

The May 11, 2008 Chicago Public Radio broadcast, "Art School Activism (Extended Conversation)" features the work of Drew Matott and the Combat Paper Project.

An April 22, 2008 Boston Globe article, "The power in their pain: Iraq war veterans create art to protest" features the work of the Combat Paper and Warrior Writer Projects.


Our friend and film-maker Sara Nesson attended an exhibit and book launch for the Warrior Writers Project in Philadelphia, PA, in March, 2008. She documented the event in her short film - Breaking the Silence.


In 2007 a series of pulp prints on Combat Paper was included in "Mutanabbi Street: An Exhibition of Broadsides" curated by Kathleen Walkup, Director of the Book Arts Program at Mills College displayed at the San Francisco Center for the Book, and showed in St. Louis at the Craft Alliance as part of "The Imbedded Image: Current Work in Hand Papermaking" exhibit curated by Tom Lang.


Combat Paper Portfolios have been added to the permanent collections at a number of libraries and universities; recent volumes have been purchased by the University of Cincinnati, University of Connecticut, Lafayette College, Wellesley College, Western Carolina University, Temple University, Princeton University, the Boston Athenaeum and the Library of Congress. Our thanks to all the institutions who have purchased portflios.


On Armistice Day, 2007 St. Lawrence University hosted a Combat Paper Workshop, the first of our outreach efforts.



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