Combat Paper transforms military uniforms into handmade paper. We believe in this simple yet enduring premise that the plant fiber in rags can be transformed into paper. A uniform worn through military service carries with it stories and experiences that are deeply imbued in the woven threads. Creating paper and artwork from these fibers carries these same qualities. We have found that all of us are connected to the military in a myriad of ways. When these connections are discovered and shared it can open a deeper understanding between people and expand our collective beliefs about military service and war.

From the outset we have hosted open and ongoing workshops that facilitate the papermaking process and welcome the use of personal material for papermaking. The exchange between veterans and civilians is integral in our practice. A forum with its foundations in a collaborative art making process, we know that accentuating individual and group perspectives strengthens the workshops and allows for direct participation and engagement. Open community involvement is an active element for us, and working together is an asset. By creating paper together we both develop our own language in the art form and perpetuate an ancient craft.

The workshops have been well received across the country allowing us the support and flexibility to develop the scope of our work. We have maintained a collaborative atmosphere with an evolving group of facilitators, supporters, advocates and hosts. Currently we have four paper mill locations that are facilitating workshop programming with our mobile papermaking mills. In the studio we are producing editions of books, portfolios, large-scale paper sheet formation, sculptures, installations, individualized paper recipes, portraits and monoprints using an innovative paper printing technique. We invite you to learn more about the workshops upcoming events our locations and available artwork in our store. Uniforms make paper.