A short video which shows the process of making handmade paper from military uniforms. for more info: www.combatpaper.org

Selected Videos

The Combat Paper Project visited UNC Saturday as a part of their Workshop Tour. Open to the public, the workshop aims to allow a creative space for veterans to create works of art using their uniforms worn in service.

In 2007, a returning Iraq war veteran, trying to make sense of his experience, cut up his uniform to make paper from its fibers. Five years later, the Combat Paper Project has found a home in New Jersey. Hoping to reconcile the good and the bad of lives spent at war, four veterans reflect on this therapeutic and artistic outlet.
Making paper out of military uniforms. On the surface, that's what Combat Paper workshops are all about. Drew Cameron, an Army veteran who served in Iraq, was invited to Indianapolis by Herron School of Art and Design's Art Therapy program. He co-founded Combat Paper.
One cold evening in January, writer Joshua E.S. Phillips visited Eli Wright at an art studio in Branchburg, New Jersey. Wright works with the Combat Paper Project there - a veterans art collective that transforms pulpified military uniforms into handmade paper. Phillips has been talking to U.S.